Art: Reuben Wu uses drones to illuminate erosive landscapes in his new work “Light Storms”, and the result is amazing!

all images by reuben wu

The photographic series features creative uses of drone lighting for surreal night and dusk shots that make it look like Utah is on another planet.

Reuben Wu is a visual artist and photographer, his new work called Light Storm has surprised everyone, he has used drones to create magnificent light effects, on erosive landscapes of Utah. This series has been created for the clothing brand vollebak.


This work involves using drones as a light source to create what he calls “mountain halo shots,” taking advantage of long exposure times and pre-programmed flight paths to capture stunning images. Wu uses the light emitted by GPS drones to create a halo effect around the erosion. This light is present in all the photos, but not in the form of a halo, but simply illuminating certain parts of the landscape, as if divine light exposed these natural phenomena. “The project tries to present familiar sights in a new and unfamiliar light, renewing their sense of sight and the experience of discovery.” Affirmed Wu

drone montaña halo 3

The photos in Light Storm were taken in undisclosed locations through the southwestern United States, primarily in the strange rock formations of Utah and New Mexico. Wu does not reveal the specific locations of his works to protect these fragile areas from tourism and damage to the natural structure.


More of Reuben Wu and his work

It has been inspired by ideas of planetary exploration, chiaroscuro paintings and sci-fi. The notion of travel and discovery, as well as his love for new technologies and the opportunities it brings to modern storytelling are present in these photographs that blend the boundary between the real and the surreal.


Over the past several years, Chicago-based photographer Reuben Wu has visited quiet regions of Bolivia, Nevada’s SolarReserve, and rivers of molten sulfur that flow into Indonesian volcanoes to capture the natural grandeur of the outermost layer of the Earth. In each location, Wu brings out the beauty of the land by juxtaposing organic characteristics with artificial light emitted by drones flying overhead. The resulting images, of which Wu has a rich and diverse collection, employ illuminated geometric shapes to highlight individual features.


This work will set a precedent for the creative utility and infinite possibilities that drones can bring to art. Hopefully, more innovative works using this technology will be added every da






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