Meet the new series 600 PRO. Stronger, more compact design and still can hold bigger and heavier drones. Improved aerodynamics. For professional UAVs.


    Designed to test the principal dynamics of multi-rotors: rotation.


    Test your new UAV design. Implement your novel controller algorithm. Validate your prototypes. Innovate safer, smarter and faster with our patented robotic systems.

Developing with drones or UAVs?

We develop test-bed systems for drones and UAVs, so you can focus on developing new ideas, applications, and business plan rather than dealing with technical issues associated with innovation and implementation.

This is what you can do:

Implement Faster

Remove technical barriers, stop wasting time figuring out how you are going to test your new design, and just do it!

Measurement & Validation

Measure the principal variables with precision. Put to test the performance of your aircraft with our robotic platform.

Safe and Secure

Don't put at-risk members of your staff or your equipment. We make safe test devices, so even beginners can perform experiments.

Focus On Your Work

Focus your time, creativity, and energy on your development and progress. Designing a test-bed system takes time and we have already done it for you.

Optimize Your Time

We understand the struggle of implementation with drones. That's why we develop drone solutions and tools to assist you.

Custom Solutions

We know you may have special needs, that's why we can develop a custom solution to meet your projects requirements.

First Flights Tester Gyroscope

The FFT GYRO is a test-bed system that would allow you to implement your development easier, faster, and without the risk of a collision. Save time and money, and focus on changing the game with your innovation. The system helps to understand, develop, and implement new mechanics, electronics and software for vertical take-off and landing vehicles without putting at risk the equipment. It can be connected to a PC (MATLAB/Simulink) to accelerate the test, implementation, and validation of the development. Focus on your work, do not waste time with technicalities, lead in drone innovation. Adjustable to different types of multi-rotors. High-resolution encoders. Absolute free rotation in 3 DOF. High-quality materials, like aluminum alloys and carbon fiber parts.


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