Designed to test the principal dynamics of multi-rotors: rotation.

  • Optimizing Drone's Performance

    Improve your drone's performance with novel control algorithms and custom made designs.

  • Build your own quadrotor's lab

What do we do at Eureka Dynamics?

We develop state of the art technology devices and have wide-ranging experience in robotics, control and UAVs. We want our products and services to become part of your success and professional development.

Implement Faster

Our goal is to support the drone community in accelerating their research and implementation process.

Measurement & Validation

Measure the principal variables with precision. We have designed different platforms to perform every stage of implementation.

Safe and Secure

We make safe test devices, so even beginners can perform experiments. Don't put at risk members of your staff or your equipment.

Focus On Your Work

We want you to be able to focus on your work, we'll be in charge of the technical details that are holding down your progress.

Optimize Your Time

We understand the struggle of implementation with drones. That's why we develop drone solutions and tools to assist you.

Custom Solutions

We know you may have special needs, that's why we can develop a custom solution to meet your projects requirements.

First Flights Tester Gyroscope

Designed to implement novel control algorithms, test and validate them efficiently. Adjustable to different types of multi-rotors. High-resolution encoders. Absolute free rotation in 3 DOF. Carbon fiber structure. Compatible with Matlab/Simulink.

Build your own quadcopter lab!
"... The FFT GYRO has helped us a lot since you can "fly" the UAV in the laboratory. It has a data acquisition system and an easy-to-use software that allows us to focus on our algorithms and not consume time in other practical aspects..."
Dr. Guillermo Valencia
ITH Professor/Researher

Solutions for you

We can make a custom solution for you, just tell us what you need. We have strong allies.

Concept development & feasibility test

Mechanical design

Electronic design

Industrial design

Prototypes and manufacture

Software & firmware

Test and validation

Technologies integration

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