Why you need a platform for drone testing

The First Flight Tester Gyroscope (FFT GYRO) is designed as a solution to overcome the most common technical barriers that arise when working with UAVs. 

In this article, we present to you 5 important reasons why your company needs a platform for drone testing. Whether your company is focused on sales, customer experience or research and development, this helpful information will serve as an aid for you and your team. 

1. To save time and money.

Research and development (R&D) is an operational department at a company that is constantly seeking for new ways to design, develop and enhance its processes, products or services. 

Investing in this area opens the possibility to create new products, add new features to already existing ones, increase productivity or reduce costs. This can drive wellbeing for consumers and increase profits for the company.¹  

But the leap from development to implementation can be quite complex since UAVs have very fast and unstable dynamics; implementation comes with accidents or failures that risk the staff and equipment, and accidents cost money. 

Also, performing multiple tests where there are many variables to measure is a slow and hard to carry duty. Not to mention that, if each test has the possibility for an accident to occur, you need to follow several safety protocols that make this testing process even slower. 

The FFT GYRO removes those technical barriers that arise when implementing with real drones. This way you can focus your time, creativity, and energy on your development and progress.  

Designing a test-bed system takes time and resources, but we have already done it for you. Our product’s safe collision-free environment allows you to test and validate your project; innovate, experiment, and develop your research; tune, optimize and calibrate your solutions; and exhibit, show and display your drones in movement.  

Our high-quality platform is budget-friendly and does not require specific knowledge to perform the set up and daily operation. We make safe test devices, so even beginners can perform experiments.  

By using our system, you: 

Save money 

  • Avoid damage of expensive equipment due to collisions. 
  • Protect your team and staff members from accidents. 
  • Avoid hiring professionals to use the system. Your own staff can use it. 
  • Save time. Time is money. 

Save time 

  • Accelerate the test phase by analyzing fewer variables (divide and conquer).  
  • With fewer safety protocols to follow, tests are faster and easier to carry. 
  • Quick set up, installation and use of the system. No need for long trainings. 
  • Stop figuring out how new developments are going to be tested and how to build you own testbeds. 

Having an FFT GYRO empowers your R&D department to take that leap from investigation to experimentation, performing projects easier and faster with our patented technology. 


2. To protect your equipment and staff.

As mentioned above, drone innovation requires flight tests during implementation. 

Even with state-of-the-art equipment, almost everyone who flies drones has witnessed that flight tests are not fail-proof and mid-flight errors likely end in an incident, in which the drone crashes, is lost, or otherwise malfunctions.²

“64% of commercial drone crashes are caused by technical errors.” – RMIT University³

For drone pilots, danger is everywhere. An undertrained or unlucky pilot can screw up, press the wrong button, and cause the drone to plummet to the ground. Highly trained and qualified pilots are not the exception, since there are a whole lot of variables that also play an important role in these tests. 

“Most small drone accidents are caused by faulty equipment rather than operator error, according to a world-first study looking at the cause of civil drone accidents.” – ABC News ⁴

The FFT GYRO is a platform in which diverse types of multi-rotors can be supported to perform the first flight tests in a secure and efficient manner. There is no need to risk your equipment in case there is a malfunction or a technical error; the device helps better understand the aircraft dynamics, which is especially useful when developing and implementing new control laws in vertical take-off and landing aerial vehicles (VTOL). 

Its safe structure allows the system to be installed in an open or closed space and interact with people in real time. This way you are saving time and money in calibrating your drones and you can train your staff or crew in a more interactive way. 

Our high-quality platform does not require specific knowledge to perform the set up and daily operation. Even beginners can interact with your drones and perform experiments. 


3. To connect with customers.

Customer experience is how a business engages with its customers. Individuality is at the heart of these experiences because customers will remember their shopping experience for the way it made them feel.

The FFT GYRO provides an outstanding and unique experience for customers to see real drones on display, in movement and live. They no longer see a product inside the box or just static in a showcase, they can actually interact with a functional drone and feel closer to the real thing. 

There are popular brands and distributors that could match or exceed product offerings, but you can choose to make a difference based on providing experiences that customers find appealing and continue to lead the market. 


4. To increase sales 

When new or old merchandise is presented in an attractive way that engages your customer’s imagination it persuades them to buy the products on offer. If your products look attractive, that can be a driving force in catching the eye of your customers. So, in order to increase sales, you need to increase your product visibility. 

“We live in a world where the experience economy has transformed the retail space, shops are no longer a place just to buy goods, but the place where shoppers have an experience of discovery.”⁶ 

The FFT GYRO is not only a tool for research and development. With our system, you can make your product displays multi-dimensional by mixing visual interest and movement. Add a unique dynamic touch to your company and create an awesome experience for your customers by letting them interact with your products, without putting them at risk. 

Exhibit, show and sell your drones with our patented technology. 


5. To keep leading in drone innovation 

Great things take hard work and careful planning, they do not happen overnight. 

To become a leader, businesses need to find ways to differentiate themselves from others in the industry, strive to innovate, adapt to changes in the market and stay two steps ahead of the competition.⁷ 

With our system you can do all this and more: 

Remove technical barriers saving time and money 

  • Protect your team and staff members from accidents. 
  • Avoid damage of expensive equipment due to collisions or malfunctions 
  • Avoid hiring professionals to use the system. Your own staff can use it. 
  • With fewer safety protocols to follow, tests are faster and easier to carry. 
  • Accelerate the test phase by analyzing fewer variables (divide and conquer).  
  • Quick set up, installation and use of the system. No need for long trainings. 
  • Save time and money in calibrating your drones and train your crew in an interactive way. 

Stop figuring out how new developments are going to be tested 

  • Empower your R&D department to take that leap from investigation to experimentation, performing projects easier and faster with our patented technology. 
  • Test and validate your project; innovate, experiment, and develop your research; tune, optimize and calibrate your solutions; and exhibit or display your drones in movement.  
  • Focus your time, creativity, and energy on your development and progress.  

Connect with customers and boost your sales 

  • Present your products in an attractive way that engages your customer’s imagination. 
  • Make your product displays multi-dimensional by mixing visual interest and movement.  
  • Add a dynamic touch to your company and create an awesome experience for your customers by letting them interact with your products, without putting them at risk. 
  • Provide unique experience for customers to see real drones in movement and live.  
  • Exhibit, show and sell your drones with our patented technology. 


In conclusion, there are a lot of important areas in which one needs to pay close attention to keep a business up and running. From the products you develop, to how you present them to your customer, there are a lot of details to take into consideration, especially when working with complex merchandise such as drones. 

That’s why having a multi-purpose tool like the FFT GYRO is essentially useful for a company that works with drones or UAVs. It comes out as a solution for a wide variety of problems that are slowing down your development or sales. 

The FFT GYRO is not only a tool for research. It is the tool you need to stay ahead of the game. 


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