FFT GYRO series 250

The FFT GYRO series 250 has been designed specially for small multi-rotors. The system is ideal for: - Robotics and Autonomous Vehicle courses. - Develop and implement new concepts, mechanical designs, electronics and controllers. - Build a small scale prototype and test a new concept. - Improve your drone dynamics to win a robotics contest.


Test and validate novel control algorithms

Implementation of algorithms in real drones

Secure first UAV pilot training phase

Easier onboard sensors calibration

Engineering training laboratory practices

Pro-pilot training and performance review

See It In Action

Made For Researchers & Developers

Designed to implement novel control algorithms, test and validate them efficiently.

Safe collision-free environment

Different types of drones can be attached to perform flight test safely. Tune your orientation controller before an accident occurs. You can install this in a classroom to teach students the use and control of UAVs.

Angular position measurement

High-resolution magnetic encoders to measure roll, pitch and yaw angles with high precision and no drift at all. Slip-rings allows absolute free rotation in the 3 DOF.

High quality materials and electronics

Light and strong carbon fiber, reducing extra weight to the vehicle. The system can be connected to MATLAB/ Simulink or any other platform, we provide you tools and support.

Product Details

  • Compatible with different types of multi-rotors, and sizes, from 100mm to 250mm rotor to rotor distance, or up to 450 mm outer diameter.
  • Three degrees of freedom about the main axes, roll, pitch and yaw angles.
  • Slip rings that allows free rotation about any of the Euler angles.
  • High-resolution magnetic absolute encoders, with multiple turns.
  • Mechanically balanced design, reducing any disturbance in the rotation dynamics.
  • High-quality materials like aluminum alloys and carbon fiber parts, strong and light to minimize extra weight and inertia added to the vehicle dynamics.
  • Sensing and control operation from MATLAB / Simulink.
  • Fully documented systems models and parameters.
  • Robust and heavy-duty machined components.
  • External aluminum frame, that can be customizable.
Dimensions – L x W x H79 cm x 79 cm x 90cm (unfold). 
Device mass7.3 Kg. 
Encoder resolution0.0879° (12-bits) 
Motor powerNot compatible with motors. 
Plate (roll) mass and inertia200 g – 3.58E+05 g-mm2 (about roll axis) 
Inner Gimbal (pitch) mass and inertia640 g – 2.68E+07 g-mm2 (about pitch axis) 
Outer Gimbal (yaw) mass and inertia700 g – 3.92E+07 g-mm2 (about yaw axis) 
Roll, pitch, and yaw range360° (multi-turn) 
Multi-rotor compatible sizesFrom 100mm to 250mm rotor to rotor distance, or up to 450 mm outer diameter. 
Power specs12 V, 5 A, 120W 
Communication protocolsUSB2.0, serial port, 100 Hz. 

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